Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Chittorgarh Fort

Chittorgarh Fort is situated on a hilltop near Chittorgarh town, in the state of Rajsthan, India. It is just 112 km away from Udaipur and 182 km from Ajmer city. It is the biggest fort in India as well as Asia. The fort was constructed by the Mauryans in the 7th century. It is believed that the main construction was built by Bhima of Pancha pandavas.

The Chitorgarh fort standing on 180 meters hill and also covers 700 acres area. It is also called as ‘water fort’ because the fort having 84 water bodies. The main gates of the fort are Padal pol, Bhajron Pol, Hanuman pol and Ram Pol. Chittor town is a city where visitors can get each and every facilities. There are also many visiting places situated in Rajasthan state. It includes Hawa Mahal, Ajmer fort, Jantar-mantar etc. Visitors can reach easily at these places from Chittorgarh fort.

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The Chittorgarh Town view from Fort

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