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Friday, August 26, 2011

Scientists discover the diamond planet made of diamond

Astronomers have spotted an exotic planet that seems to be made of diamond racing around a tiny star in our galactic backyard. Scientists have discovered the planet that they believe is made of diamond.

The international team, which includes Australian scientists, believes the "diamond planet" is the only remnant left from what was a huge star in our own Milky Way galaxy.

The pulsar and its planet are part of the Milky Way's plane
of stars and lie 4000 light-years away in the constellation
of Serpens

The new planet is far denser than any other known so far and consists largely of carbon. Because it is so dense, scientists calculate the carbon must be crystalline, so a large part of this strange world will effectively be diamond.

The star, discovered in 2009, has become a pulsar - the dead remnant with about a diameter of 20km that emits beams of electromagnetic radiation.

It was detected by researchers from Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, led by Professor Matthew Bailes, using the Parkes radio telescope in central NSW.

A month later, they noticed the pulses were consistently interrupted - a sign of something in orbit around the pulsar. That was later confirmed with other powerful telescopes in Britain and the United States.

The research has been published in the international journal, Science, and is only the third time one of the 1800-odd known pulsars have been found to harbour planets.

"The evolutionary history and amazing density of the planet all suggest it is comprised of carbon -- i.e. a massive diamond orbiting a neutron star every two hours in an orbit so tight it would fit inside our own Sun," said Matthew Bailes of Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nikon Updates Its Coolpix Line

Nikon added six new cameras to its Coolpix point-and-shoot line today, including the P7100, an update to its enthusiast-targeted P7000.

Available on September 21, the $499.95 camera adds several features to the already-impressive feature set found on the P7000, including an articulating LCD, a front control wheel, additional creative filters, and an AE lock when shooting video. It uses the same 28-200mm (35mm equivalent) zoom lens and 10-megapixel sensor found in its predecessor.

Nikon Coolpix P7100

The AW100 marks Nikon's first foray into the rugged camera sphere. The 16-megapixel shooter is rated for underwater use to a depth of 33 feet, works in temperatures as cold as 14 degrees Farenheit, and can survive a five-foot drop without harm. It features a 28-140mm (35mm equivalent) zoom range, a built-in GPS, a 3-inch HVGA LCD, and support for 1080p60 or 720p30 video capture. In addition to changing modes via standard buttons, you'll be able to shake it to quickly change settings—making one-handed operation feasible. The camera will be available in a black, blue, or orange on September 8 for $379.95.

The Coolpix S8200 is a 16-megapixel superzoom with a 14x 25-350mm (35mm equivalent) lens. It supports 1080p30 and 720p60 video capture. A rear 3-inch 921,000-dot LCD is present for framing images, and the camera will be available in black, red, and silver finishes. The camera will retail for $329.95 and hit stores on September 11.

Also available that day, the Coolpix S6200 features a more modest 10x zoom range, covering a 25-250mm (35mm equivalent) range. The 16-megapixel camera is capable of 720p video capture and sports a 2.7-inch QVGA rear display. Launching in red, silver, blue, black, and pink, the S6200 is set to retail at $229.95.

The Coolpix S100, available on September 1 for $299.95, is a touch-screen point and shoot with a 3.5-inch OLED rear display. The 16-megapixel camera sports a modest 5x zoom lens that covers a 28-140mm (35mm equivalent) focal range. Available in red, black, purple, and gold, the camera supports 1080p video capture and 3D image capture.

Rounding out the announcements is S1200pj, the third generation of Nikon's projector camera line. The 14-megapixel shooter features a 3-inch HVGA LCD for image framing and will be made available in black or pink. The built-in projector can output an image that is up to 60 inches in width. In addition to projecting images stored on the camera, it can accept a video input signal via USB or from any iOS device. It will be available on September 22 for $429.95.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Katrina Kaif strumms a guitar in a concert of Mere Brother Dulhan

The shooting of Yash Raj Films' MERE BROTHER KI DULHAN that commenced on Monday, April the 4th (as we had broken the news), finally ended late on Wednesday, April the 13th. Most of the scenes involved Imran Khan and Katrina Kaif and were filmed in the Taj Mahal premises (Mehtab Bagh), Fatehpur Sikri Shrine and also at the Agra Fort. There was a marriage scene, a take-off on the MUGHAL-E-AZAM and last but not the least the audience participated in a concert, whereby they cheered for a guitar strumming Katrina Kaif. This was one of the last shots that were canned at the historic Agra Fort.
In fact Imran Khan's wife Avantika too joined her hubby and the two saw the monument of love, Taj Mahal for the first time! There was also the usual controversy, whereby the local tourist organisations accused the cast and crew of violating the norms at the heritage site, but thankfully no untoward incident occurred


Friday, July 22, 2011

The 2011 Pagani Zonda Absolute designed exclusively

The line between a fast car and exclusivity is really thread-thin. Little wonder that they fly off the shelf faster that one can stay “on your mark, get...”. Don’t parry with our word, then look at Pagani Zonda. Technically this Italian fast track baby has been out of production for a while, but that has done little to dissuade the rich and famous from ordering their one off Zonda, and the company obliging them. Their new edition is called Absolute and is being built for a customer from Hong Kong. And in true Pagani tradition, the details are kept under wraps. But going by sheer picture-speak, it seems Absolute follows the same genealogy as its peers: the bare carbon fibre body with a striped pattern like on the Zonda R, a “Tricolore” running from the car’s hood to the rear end and a carbo-titanium chassis as used on the Zonda Cinque.