Friday, June 10, 2011

Palawan_the Philippines

Palawan is the largest province in the Philippines. Its three major island groups are: Calamain in the north, Dumaran-Cuyo in the northeast and Balabac-Bugsok in the south.
The main island of Palawan is 425 km long. It has a width of 40 kilometers at its widest, and eight and one-half kilometers at its narrowest.
Tall mountain ranges bisect the province into east and west coasts.
The east coast has narrow beaches backed by plains and short valleys.
The west coast is more rugged with mountains and narrow lowlands. Coral reefs along the western and northwestern coasts make navigation very risky.
The province has two distinct climates.The west coast has approximately 6 months of dry season and 6 months of wet season.The east coast has a short dry season of one to three months.

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