Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Overcome Junk Food Addiction

On the table is served a dish of food so tempting. There is a tasty potato chips. Beside it was a biscuit.

You can not resist picking one by one? You probably already addicted to unhealthy food. Don't worry, you can stop it. Follow these steps bellow to overcome junk food addiction.

1. Breakfast correctly
Start your day with a healthy breakfast, such as fruit juice, low-fat milk, yogurt, high fiber cereal, and fruit. People who diet high fiber foods digest slowly. As a result, the hunger will be delayed and the desire to eat fatty foods will decrease too.

2. Reduce the portion and size
Do not even try to abstain from unhealthy foods as a result you are actually more tempted to eat it. If you want, buy it in small portions and then divide it by your partner.

3. Select quality
If a you like chocolate, choose a high-quality chocolate that must have been expensive. Because expensive, so you don't often buy it.

4. Do sports
Sports will pumping endorphins, the natural morphine in the body, to circulate throughout the body. With exercise, you so have little time to eat. To reduce the desire to eat chocolate or sweet foods after a big meal, try a walk around the house for a moment.

5. Eating regularly
Through time to eat will cause the blood sugar levels down. As a result, you'll grab anything sweet foods near you so that sugar levels can be normal. Keep your sugar levels to remain normal with eat three times a day with balanced nutrition and appropriate portions for you. Remember, do not overdo it.

6. Look for other alternatives
The desire for fatty foods can be a sign of the body needs fat intake. Should meet the needs of body fat with healthy fats, like avocado and use the salad dressing of olive oil. Eating yogurt, fresh fruit, sorbet, or low-fat ice cream to be able to meet the body's need for sweet and fatty foods.

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