Saturday, June 11, 2011

Nokia N8 is Here!

Nokia, the world’s largest producer of mobile phones, introduced Nokia N8 with unbeatable 12MP camera features. The stylish smartphone in blue box is also capable of recording 720p video, outputting via HDMI and introduces the promised Symbian 3 touch revolution, making an ideal gadget for savvy photographer.
Speculations spurred, expectations raised – will the new Nokia N8 re-write the best experience in its N series category? Does the new Symbian 3 create furor in the mobile market? For all such queries, read on a quick review and relate your own experience of Nokia N8.

The overall design of the N8 is impressive. It is slim, shaping a tactile candybar body and has adequate anodized aluminum in its chassis. The smartphone measures at 113.5 x 59 x 12.9 mm and weighting 135g with the non-user-removable battery. Available in five different colors, silver, red, blue, black and green, Nokia N8 has a protective metal cover which protects the smartphone from severe damages.

Talking about the design, the Nokia N8 has many features that get thumps up. The phone looks really good in hands and its vibrancy add into the persona of its carrier. The camera lens, camera button and volume controls have chrome accents and strengthen the display more. The hardware design is excellent which top-notch build quality. The use of gorilla glass in the screen makes it damage and scratch proof.

Nokia N8 has an ARM 11 microprocessor clocked at 680 MHz with 256MB RAM. The use of Symbian 3 technology makes the phone CPU management and a sharp memory but the speed of the phone lags behind. Large websites take a longer time to load on the Nokia N8 than the other available smartphones.

A truly mesmerizing gadget for image transferring, the Nokia N8 features an HDMI connection which gets connected to the compatible televisions and projectors to show off images, videos and others. The amazing USB-on-the-adapter connects your USB flash drives and accesses the files directly from the Nokia N8.

The loudspeaker is located at the back of the phone and supplies clear and loud quality. Listen to music or talk unperturbed, you will have nothing to complain about.

A dream for photographer, the Nokia N8 produces remarkable picture quality and makes your every captured moment a delight to watch out for. The camera quality of Nokia N8 truly shines powered by the Carl Zeiss optics and the largest sensor into a mobile phone. With Nokia N8, the photos look natural and just precious. The camera also features excellent zoom and cropping features, making the phone quite usable.

Nokia Panorama is another great application available from the Ovi store in the Nokia N8. With this application, you can click your favorite pictures, share with friends and get on top of many social media websites. Isn’t it amazing?

The Nokia N8 has Xenon flash which can make your clickable pictures more natural. No more blurry photos but you can actually get a brilliant portrait looking at its best.

With 720p and 25FPS, the Nokia N8 captures HD videos conveniently. The phone uses a system known as called Active Hyper-focal Distance which simply denotes anything from 2 feet to infinity appear in focus. The feature works best while capturing moving objects and in dim lights. You can also make the best use of digital zoom along with the large sensor.

The Nokia N8 introduces Symbian 3 which is already announced to be used in Nokia C7, E7, and C6-01. The new technology makes the gadget very powerful and offers better solutions such as multiple homescreens, visual multitasking, music cover flow, and multitouch pinch-to-zoom. You can make use of the most streamlined menu structures and UI moves with a faster pace. The capacity can be viewed easily while scrolling lists on the music player, conversation, contacts and messages etc.

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